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I’m Lucy, and I love taking photographs. I call Yorkshire my home, and I’m available for travel both within the UK and internationally.

I’ve been married since April 2013 and I’m pretty sure I’m onto a good thing. I love Jesus and exploring what it looks like to do that well. I love WEDDINGS with a capital everything (obviously). I love anything with a Whistles tag… or in a Jo Malone box or a Kiehl’s bag. I love Mexican food, Vietnamese food, French food – okay, just good food. I love reading and as often as I can be I’m tucked away somewhere with an old favourite (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin… yes, I even like the ending, A Tale of Two Cities, The Time Traveller’s Wife) or a beautiful magazine (usually Kinfolk or Hearth or Cereal). I love seeing as much of this world as I can (recent favourite places are Tuscany, Loch Lomond, and Ecuador). At the moment I’m listening to a lot of The Staves, Bethel and Lord Huron.

So why am I telling you all of this?

I’m guessing that if you’ve made it to my about page that you’ve seen my photographs and that you like what you see. I’m so thankful for that! But I’m going to be really honest (terrifyingly so!) and tell you that there are thousands of amazing photographers that could turn up to your wedding, family session or portraits, do a great job and give you a set of lovely photographs. Yes, I love my style of photography and know that there are things that make it different to any other photographer. I love that about creating – no one can do it quite like me. Still, I could turn up to your day and take beautiful photographs of you in my own style… but the photos would still be missing something. I don’t ever want to turn up and just do my job. If I was in the business of doing that then I could come along and take a hundred photographs of you looking beautiful, but they just wouldn’t be true to you. They just wouldn’t sing of you. There’d be no emotional connection at all and there’d be no spirit, no spark to the photo. You see, I want you to choose me because you find something here that connects us. I want you to choose me because we have a shared vision. I want you to choose me because you not only love my photography, you also feel as though you know me and know that we’re going to get along like a house on fire! I don’t want you to choose me so that you can have a photographer who will turn up and just do the job. I want you to choose me because you know that I will do so much more than that – take time to get to know you and hear your story so that I can tell it. When I take photographs, I want you to shine out – naturally, gorgeously you. I want us to be able to get to know each other so that I can show you off in every single shot.

I really, truly love what I do (I can’t really bring myself to call it a job – it is so much more than that to me!). It is a joy to be able to capture people’s big days, little families and everything else I get to work on.

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