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When you google ‘portraits’ you’re going to come up with pages and pages of beautiful people with nice photographs. Lots of black and white, usually with the subject looking straight into the camera, with a slight smile sat in front of a plain background. This is a formula that seems to have been working for a long time – professional but approachable, with no distractions from the person sitting for the photograph. It must be a winning formula because it seems like it is all everyone ever does. But I’m going to come clean… I hate the studio look. ‘Nice’ portraits just don’t do anything for me.

You see, I believe that when you’re photographed you should actually look like you. Photographs of you should be full of you. I believe that you are totally unique and absolutely gorgeous and I want to show that off. You don’t spend you life in monochrome, in a studio, looking beautiful but… boring. You are not boring and you don’t fit a formula, so why should photographs of you be limited to that?

With Ever Thine, things are a little different. We’re going to ditch the studio look and head to your favourite coffee shop, or happy place in the park (or similar) – somewhere you feel comfortable, and able to be relaxed; somewhere you go often and somewhere that feels like you. I know that being in front of the camera can be terrifying (I am so camera shy!) but I’m going to make you look and feel relaxed and I’m going to make sure that not only do we beat your nerves, we’re actually going to have a good time! We’re going to shoot you looking like you do – I’m going to catch that little laugh, your hair getting caught in the wind, your most serious business face and the whole range of emotions in between. We’re going to make sure that your personality shines out into every single photograph. Your photos will stand out, which will mean that you will stand out.

I’ve had the honour of having my work featured in Teen Vogue and Cereal Magazine, as well as being featured by Forever 21 and Girl in the Lens. But potentially more importantly I’ve had the joy of working with photographers, sopranos and other self employed creatives who need head shots for their social media profiles, doctors who need a great photo for when their paper gets published and a whole host of others (vicars, models, professors… ) for a whole host of different reasons. Whatever you do, if you’re looking for something a little different then I’d love to work with you! Sessions start from £195.

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Full session examples:
One | Chloe Saywell

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