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What to Wear to your Engagement Session | Sheffield Wedding Photographer

I’m definitely in engagement session season here at Ever Thine – my diary is full with the names of my lovely brides and grooms with summer weddings who have waiting until signs of Spring to get in front of the camera. Engagement sessions are a brilliant way to get to know each other and get comfortable in front of the camera before the big day. Once the engagement shoog has been arranged I usually get asked one question – “what on earth should we wear?!”. With that in mind, here’s my advice on:

what to wear to your engagement session.

What to wear to an engagement session - Sheffield wedding photographer

1. Be Comfortable & Look Like You

My number one all time top tip is for you to dress in clothes that make you feel comfortable. Aim for a smart casual vibe but wear clothes that make you feel like you and the photos will be much more likely to show you looking natural and relaxed. Ladies, if you don’t usually wear a tonne of make up don’t feel like you have to just because you’re going to be in front of the camera. Sure, you can spend a little extra time prepping (or even arrange your make up trial for the day of the shoot if you are having a MUA on your wedding day) but don’t go crazy if that’s not your usual style. Guys, spend a few minutes before you leave the house to check for fluff or marks or creases – and get the iron out if you find any!

Stay away from clothes with big logos or busy patterns. We want the focus to be on you and your love, not on the big brand logo across your chest. Solid colours (not B&W) and simple patterns work best. Black tends to show up any marks and creases a whole lot. Save white for your wedding day! Think about wearing layers and mixing it up a little while we are shooing – it will look like you had multiple outfit changes without the reality of getting changed in a park.

What to wear to an engagement session - Sheffield wedding photographer

2. Work With What You’ve Got

We’re in England, and if we’re shooting in the Spring at any point during the year it is most likely going to be a little nippy. If you turn up in sandals and a strappy dress you are going to look cold and uncomfortable in your photos. Dress for the season and you’ll fit in and look natural. Win win.

If we’re heading to a stately home to shoot the engagement session, dress for it! Girls, put on heels. Boys, think about breaking out that bow tie. If we’re heading to a coffee shop, ditch the heels for something more relaxed and change the bow tie for an open collar. And try to look like you’re both heading to the same kind of place – along with wearing complimentary colours it really helps to keep things cohesive. Keeping things cohesive is key, but…

3. … For All That’s Good in the World Please Don’t Wear Matching Outfits

I’m just going to guide you to this gallery and let it make my point for me.

What to wear to an engagement session - Sheffield wedding photographer

4. Think About the Little Details

Ladies, if you’d like a close up shot of your engagement ring, think about painting your nails and make sure the ring is shiny. If you’re dreaming of having a styled shoot let me know in advance and we can work out together what would look best (a ziplock bag with sandwiches in does not a styled pic-nic engagement shoot make). A styled engagement session can be a little more time intensive and take more preparation but it can be really lovely to have a focus, especially if you are a little nervous about being in front of the camera. If you’d like a romantic shoot, think about wearing floaty fabrics and soft colours. What you wear can really change the direction and style of the shoot so bear that in mind.

And hey, rules are made for breaking. If you’ve got an outfit that you love and are dying to wear that doesn’t fit with all of these ideas, break it out anyway and we’ll make it magical.

I’ve been pinning lots of lovely engagement shoot ideas here, make sure you’re following along!

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Lucy xo

All images by Ever Thine Wedding Photography – Sheffield Wedding Photographer

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  • 04/04/2015 - 1:08 AM

    Kristyn @ Laite Atelier - These are all such great tips! I’m with you on the matching outfits–complementing each other is one thing, but oh gosh, the photos on that link had me cracking up haha! 😉ReplyCancel

    • 06/04/2015 - 7:12 AM

      lucyaspray@gmail.com - Haha it gets me every time. If a whole family wants to turn up in matching LED flashing jumpers I’m not going to stop them though… 😉ReplyCancel

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